SIP T3000W 3KVA Medusa Petrol Generator (25133)

Product Description

WEB Supplies, Sligo now stock this top Quality, Powerful Sip T3000W 3 kva Petrol Generator.

Product Description:
Heavy duty 4-stroke generator powered by a 212cc air cooled petrol engine offering a 3000w peak output and 2700w continuously rated output. Built with a large 15 litre fuel tank offering longer run times of up to 8+ hours meaning it offers you longer power before needing to refuel. Built within a heavy duty framework for durability. Also features automatic voltage regulator (AVR) which helps to deliver stable non fluctuating power meaning it can be used for sensitive equipment.

1 x 230v (13amp), 1 x 110v (16amp) AC output sockets and 1 x 12v DC charging (up to 40Ah batteries) for small devices.

Supplied by WEB, Sligo.

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