Delivery Policy

Our Delivery Policy follows a set of Weight Based Values. These Values are listed below and applies to the majoirty of products.

However, there are some products that may vary from these Values, due to unusual Shape, Size and Weight.

These kind of products may be quite long and/or tall and require specialist delivery options such as on a pallet or use of a different courier. This may incur a higher Delivery Cost, and all products that may fall into this category are marked in their Product Descriptions on our website.

Weight Based Values;

  • 0kg - 10kg         €10
  • 10kg - 20kg       €15
  • 20kg - 30kg       €20
  • 30kg - 50kg       €40
  • 50kg - 75kg       €50
  • 75kg - 100kg     €70
  • 100kg - 150kg   €70
  • 150kg +             Contact us for Delivery Options before Purchase
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